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Creditors' Remedies

Our attorneys will evaluate each matter independently with a recommendation to you, the client, on whether the filing of a lawsuit would likely result in a judgment that can be satisfied. Once the determination has been made to proceed to suit, we promptly prepare the pleadings, file, and serve the defendant, often within 24 hours of the decision to sue. 


Unlike traditional collection agencies, which are limited to telephoning delinquent businesses and individuals and pleading for payment, Zee Law Group offers Debt Liquidation in the Secondary Marketplace - In the event Zee Law Group is unsuccessful in locating your debtor, or the debtor's financial condition precludes litigation, we are able to assist in the marketing and transfer of your debt instruments in the secondary and tertiary markets.


Our thorough documentation of your matter, extensive working relationships with some of the nations' largest purchasers of debt instruments and our ability to package your instruments with our clients' secondary and tertiary accounts allow Zee Law Group to fully maximize the value of your debt portfolio, even if collection on the account is unlikely.


Though Zee Law Group appreciates the opportunity to assist our clients with their collection needs, we also understand that extensive training of your company's associates and properly drafted contracts are often a more effective means of increasing your cash flow.


To this end, we offer comprehensive training in customer credit review, accounts receivable process training, and review and drafting of your sales contracts. Additionally, we can assist in the evaluation of potential customers' credit worthiness.

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