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Enforcing Judgments

Enforcing Judgments

Through the Zee Law Group’s extensive creditors’ remedies activities, we have developed an expertise in enforcing judgments of all sizes from all jurisdictions. If you have a judgment for which you have been unable to locate assets or enforce your judgment to satisfaction, the Zee Law Group can help you finally resolve this unfortunate situation.


Matters that originate within the Zee Law Group and are prosecuted through judgment are automatically worked through our post-judgment collection process. After the conclusion of any suit we successfully file, we never hold the judgment idle. Abstracts of judgments are requested after the entry of judgment, writs of executions are enforced, and every possible avenue of recourse is sought – from the filing of liens on real and personal property, to the assignment of a cash-till keeper. The Zee Law Group will complete a thorough analysis and background check of the defendant to determine the best way to satisfy any judgment. While not all judgments can be satisfied immediately, the Zee Law Group has the time, persistency, and tenacity to maximize recovery on every judgment.


The Zee Law Group provides judgment enforcement on a contingency or hourly billing rate, and will associate with trial counsel upon request.

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