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Labor Disputes

Labor Disputes

Zee Law Group actively represents employees in today’s often difficult and confusing work environment. Situations often come up where employees feel helpless and powerless, but you should not. There are many laws in California that allow recovery by employees against employers for a large number of reasons – you should consult with an attorney to aggressively represent your rights if you feel your employee may be violating the law.


Zee Law Group regularly defends employees from the unlawful and unethical behavior of current and past employers. We have experience representing employees in wrongful termination causes of action, unpaid vacation/personal days/sick days paid time off, discrimination cases and many other actions against employers. We can also consult with employees while they are still on the job in order to maximize and improve their relationships with their employers and/or supervisors.


Zee Law Group recommends you contact one of our attorneys as soon as you feel uncomfortable at your workplace. If necessary, the Zee Law Group will mediate conflicts, initiate litigation, represent you in front of the California Labor Board or develop a unique and comprehensive approach to solve the specific dilemma you face.


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