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Corporate Assistance

Corporate Assistance

Zee Law Group has the experience, knowledge and passion for detail to help you in every stage of your business growth, from formation to dissolution.


For new companies, Zee Law Group has the experience to help assist you with corporate finance and developmental consulting. We have helped several start-up companies, and even just budding ideas, grow into fruition. This process includes assisting with the development of a business plan, assisting in locating funding sources and providing advice as to how to succeed in the marketplace. Zee Law Group has also helped existing clients find financing to fund new or additional company projects.


In addition, our firm can assist in securing all the necessary licenses, permits and bonds, including fictitious business name filings, Alcohol Beverage Control liquor licenses, and any other necessary licenses.


While many other law firms just assist you analyzing the proper business entity and forming the company, Zee Law Group is also prepared to ensure the business is running properly, from a legal perspective, year after year. No company should ever exist in a vacuum without a legal consultant regularly examining its operation. We will do an annual corporate “audit” of your company to make sure all of your legal books, including minutes, bylaws, loans, leases, etc., are up to date and in order.


When the time is right, Zee Law Group is prepared to handle any mergers or acquisitions necessary to help your company compete and thrive in today’s marketplace. We have handled numerous small business mergers and acquisitions to the satisfaction of our clients. The Zee Law Group has experienced attorneys ready to assist you when you are ready to acquire a new business or assets, sell your existing business or assets, or merge with another business.

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