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The Zee Law Group, P.C., is a full-service law firm with a practice focused on contemporary business and commercial litigation, with an emphasis in litigation arising from consumer and commercial debt instruments.

         Our commitment is to provide the highest quality legal service on a cost-efficient basis. We deliver on this commitment by meeting all of our clients' legal needs demonstrably better than competing providers. Our wide network of affiliated law firms across the country, the depth of experience among our associated local and specialized counsel, and our client-responsive service model responds rapidly to the ever-changing business and legal communities with creative, cost-effective and practical solutions.

         Our extensive Creditors' Remedies practice provides a large base of ongoing matters which allows our firm access to some of the most sophisticated case management, investigation and trial practice resources. Our significant litigation volume allows our firm to leverage the best possible pricing from resource providers and litigation support services and we pass these savings along to all our clients.

         The firm’s clients range from start-up companies to some of the largest privately-held and publicly-traded companies in the country and internationally, as well as individuals seeking a loss recovery legal representation.

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